Gen United

So I’m a supervisor at my work, the youngest of them all actually. I earn a grand total of $16.10 an hour. My other older coworkers who received their promotion were excited about the raise, because their pay jumped up significantly more than mine, as I only got an extra 60 cents an hour. In fact, even if I became a manager (which I can’t because you have to be over 18) then I would still earn less than out workers. Because they’re older than me. On top of that, my boss doesn’t respect me because I’m young, and every idea or problem I come to him with (which is a lot, my workplace has a lot of problems), he’ll say that he’s already tried it, or that it “just won’t work”. Now, here’s the big kicker. Recently I’ve learnt that he’s been taking the best before dates off of our sugar products (specifically targeted towards kids) so that he can sell out of date stock. I have the pictures of out of date stock on the shelves, I have pictures of half-torn labels. And I have him on voice recording admitting it. Now the burden of reporting him to corporate, or even the department of health, lies on me.