Gen United

I worked at a luxury car dealership as a service receptionist/administrator. An older coworker (around 55-65 years old) was extremely nice to me, and would talk to me about his wife and kids. I didn’t think much of the interactions they seemed normal. Until his advances would become more flirtatious I.e. from a hello sunshine to a hello gorgeous, from a pat on the shoulder his pats would start to lower down my back. I started feeling uncomfortable but I just tried to avoid him the best I could. Unfortunately I was left with him in the office alone and he touched me inappropriately. I completely froze…I decided to report this to the dealer principal, was advised to take a mental health day and return to work. Upon arrival at 7:30am the next day I was called into the office and fired for not being a great “cultural fit”. I was on probation at the time and thought I couldn’t do anything.