Gen United

I was hired by an IT company in 2014 and it was my first office job outside of uni. I was hired as the marketing coordinator which was a very junior role but I was excited. During my onboarding with the previous coordinator she mentioned to me that the ‘boss/CEO’ (who was based in VIC – I was in NSW), sometimes said weird/inappropriate things to staff but just to ‘ignore him’. Later on I found out what she meant when I asked him for pictures from an event/show, and he offered to send me ‘other pictures’ – yes, it’s as suss as it sounds. I played dumb, like I didn’t realise he was being a creep, and he backed off. I wanted to go to HR to report it, as it made me uncomfortable… and I found out his WIFE was the head of HR and the one I would need to make a complaint to. Needless to say, I left after 8 months. I still have screenshots of the conversation saved that I never sent, and never raised it with HR because telling his wife was just so uncomfortable.